5 Questions on Technology Selection

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By SYSPRO USA Distribution, Manufacturing, Miscellaneous I am a great believer in moving with the times and making sure that I use the most appropriate and up to date technology when delivering solutions to my customers. So I read with interest an article that mirrored my philosophy almost exactly. I para phrase but in essence [...]

Do you know how much your inventory is costing you?

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By SYSPRO USA Distribution, Manufacturing Some people like cars, some have an affinity for sport, while others can discuss the sheen of their pet’s coat for hours on end. We all have our own weaknesses … or strengths depending on where you stand on dog fur. My passion is food. Sometimes healthy, occasionally cholesterol-inducing, butter [...]

5 Traits of a Great ‘ERP-centric’ CIO

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By SYSPRO USA All Industries A great CIO is a rare hybrid: one part businessperson, one part computer geek. We so often see in ERP implementations, success requires a CIO who is willing to stand behind the process and drive the necessary organizational change. The modern business cannot afford to run its information technology as [...]

Protecting Your ERP Data

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By SYSPRO USA Distribution, Manufacturing Protecting Your ERP Data When the subject of corporate data security comes up, the conversation usually turns to outside influencers such as hackers, malware, internal espionage and high-profile breaches. Those are issues that every company should protect against, but they are not the topic of my blog today. What I’d [...]

10 Good Reasons to Automate your Supply Chain

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In recent years, manufacturers across the globe have felt the painful pinch of contracting economies. This trend looks set to continue in 2016 and on into 2017 with expectations of further downward pressure casting a pallor on the future of the sector. But all is not lost. As a result of currency weaknesses and economic [...]

Keeping Business Solutions Innovation Simple

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By Kevin Dherman All Industries, Distribution, Manufacturing Why shouldn’t you let a Pokémon shower with you? It might Pikachu. Apologies. I couldn’t resist. Love it or hate it, Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon. Bigger than Candy Crush, less useful than Gangnam Style, and unfettered by generational barriers, this location-based augmented reality mobile game [...]

Using Forecasting to Streamline Sales and Operations

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By SYSPRO USA Distribution, Manufacturing The disconnect between Sales and Operations in manufacturing companies is so common that it is almost a cliché. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve met plenty of people at other companies going through the same struggles. Maybe you see some of this in your own company. Sales perceives Operations as [...]

The Perfect Partner in ERP

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Regular readers of the blog may remember my post “owning change” written just after my wedding in November 2013. It doesn’t take a maths genius to work out that it took me a few more years than most to find my perfect partner. Fortunately finding the perfect partner in ERP wasn’t so difficult. I first [...]

Why the Food and Beverage Industry Turns to Tech

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By Mark Wilson Distribution, Food and Beverage, Food and Beverage, Industry Insight, Manufacturing, Miscellaneous Tough conditions see the Food and Beverage industry turn to tech There are few professionals who could say that missing a deadline in a strictly controlled work schedule would end in disaster – the kind of disaster that could result with [...]

8 Reasons ERP is a CEO’s Best Friend

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Some CEOs may regard ERP as just a business management tool that keeps things running in the background. However, today’s more savvy CEOs are fast recognizing ERP’s ability to significantly transform their businesses and add exponential value and earnings. Here are some of the reasons CEOs are turning to ERP to innovate: Control ERP means [...]