Ask A Company That Uses SYSPRO!

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The other day during a meeting of the SYSPRO Marketing Team, the subject arose, “Just how do we position SYSPRO in the marketplace? Just how do we get across that SYSPRO software is the product of an independent and dedicated company that continually listens to its customers and regularly upgrades its software to encompass the latest technology? How do we impress potential users and VARs that SYSPRO software sets the standard for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software? We can’t say we’re the biggest because we’re not. But, we can say we’re the best because we are. But, how does one convey this in an ad, an email message or in a presentation without it coming across as an empty boast? When a company or person says they’re the best at something, don’t we all just snicker to ourselves and think, ‘Yea, just prove it.’

Our discussion then just segued to past slogans that companies had used to help position themselves in their respective marketplaces. One manager said he thought one of the most powerful slogans ever written was, “Ask the Man Who Owns One.”

Suddenly, that was it! If you want to know how good SYSPRO software is just ask a SYSPRO user! In fact, this is what SYSPRO has been doing for years? SYSPRO Customer Service regularly polls the SYSPRO customer base to determine their degrees of satisfaction with their SYSPRO software implementations. And, for years, every SYSPRO office around the globe has been profiling SYSPRO users, writing case studies and articles covering the diversity of SYSPRO customers, the creative ways they are employing SYSPRO software and the outstanding results they have experienced utilizing their SYSPRO ERP software.

So, if you want to know about SYSPRO, the software, and the company, just ask a SYSPRO user! There are hundreds of case studies and articles detailing the experience of SYSPRO users on the SYSPRO Website. The companies profiled cover a wide variety of manufacturing industry segments, from chocolate confectioners to pots and pans and even kitchen sinks.

So, if you want to know the value SYSPRO brings to an organization, just ask a SYSPRO user! By the way, do any of you recall the company that used the slogan, “Ask the Man Who Owns One?”

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