Okay – You’ve a Handle On Big Data, But What About ‘Hidden Data’?

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SYSPRO ERP software offers users the ability to access “hidden data” as well as “big data.” The ability to access “hidden data” is a must for organizations, such as medical device and food manufacturers, to execute efficient and rapid product recalls. While the utilization of ‘big data’ helps a company identify trends and chart future courses, the importance for numerous companies to have access to ‘hidden data’ cannot be overstated. One of the underlying principles of basing business decisions on ‘big data’ is that the ability to access the volume, variety, and velocity of data tends to compensate for data errors. But manufacturers and distributors in a wide variety of industries, such as food, medical devices, automotive, pharmaceutical and others, must be able to connect and correlate relationships, hierarchies, and multiple data linkages to facilitate the recall of products that may contain tainted ingredients or faulty parts that could cause harm or even death. And, this is why SYSPRO ERP is the choice of many companies within these industries.

SYSPRO lot traceability and serial tracking data affords extensive and precise visibility up or down the supply chain, as well as providing specific component to parent tracking, thereby providing the means to expedite recalls, should the need arise. SYSPRO optionally allows specific traceable components to be reserved for specific work-orders, as well as providing the flexibility of specifying the parent traceable numbers at the beginning, during or the end of the manufacturing process. While the average cost of a recall to participating food and consumer product companies can run into millions of dollars, this number excludes the extensive human expense involved in the recalls. The ability and speed to collect the required data can cut recall time to hours rather than days or weeks and significantly reduce the costs of the recall.

Gorant Chocolatier, Boardman, Ohio-based maker of quality chocolates, has stated one of the reasons for the firm’s selection of SYSPRO ERP was extensive traceability functionality. The company stated: “The software’s ability to trace ingredients from origin through the manufacturing process to the ultimate customer not only helps us to accommodate customers who demand this ability but to fully comply with FDA rules and regulations pertaining to food safety.” Gorant, in fact, did a mock recall that involved tracing the path of a “tainted” ingredient. The recall was accomplished in less than two hours. What is produced and when are vital, but the data of what has gone into the production is also vital.

Manufacturers and distributors utilizing SYSPRO ERP also have the option of running a variety of reports that utilize “hidden data”’ to provide management with effective decision-making tools. For example, Brooklyn-based Lee Springs runs a daily report which evaluates stock usage and allocations, indicating which stock items have fallen below required levels and automatically creating a suggested stock replenishment requisition.

The implementation of cost- effective SYSPRO software helps both food, medical device manufacturers and a host of other manufacturers and distributors access both ‘big data’ as well as the ‘hidden data’ needed to streamline their supply chains, make effective management decisions and employ extensive ‘backwards and forwards’ component and product traceability for speedy recalls.

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