“Which Matters More? ERP Vendor Size or Service Quality”

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It’s no secret that we live in a world where, often, the brands with the largest, loudest megaphone (and the accompanying outsized marketing budgets) get the lion’s share of the press/PR attention. That’s to be expected –nothing new there. Knowing this, it is important that for ERP buyers ask themselves the question, ‘Which matters more? ERP vendor size or service quality?”

Recently, I read an article about how to avoid bad ERP choices, and decided to form my own list. While there is no single right way to prove which ERP solution is right for you since everyone’s requirements are different, there are some simple steps you can take to stack the deck in your favor:
1. Vendor size doesn’t always matter – or does it? If you are a mid-sized company, operating on tight margins but with big dreams for your future that require a responsive partner, do you really want a multi-billion-dollar ERP company? Will you be important enough to them to make you a priority when they are simultaneously focused on big revenue from the Fortune 50? Can you risk being the smaller fish in their big pond?

2. What do the industry experts say about your short list picks? The big analyst firms are going to recommend the big vendors. That’s pro forma, and again, to be expected. A high percentage of their revenue comes from these vendors and business is business. But if you start to look at what a larger swath of technology analysts say, those smaller firms and industry experts with great reputations, you may be surprised. SYSPRO has dozens of industry analysts who will readily point out that our solutions are not only world class in feature/functionality, but that provide options (like multiple deployments – on premise or cloud), that can really give you choice.

3. Can the newer ERP entrants, with less experience and fewer modules, stand the test of time? We’re not so sure. SYSPRO is time tested across many different platforms and our vast experience in the manufacturing industry has allowed us to build many different modules in a single DNA application. This experience enables us to foresee technology trends and adopt best of breed technologies as they emerge. SYSPRO, with all its modules, has been deployed on platforms ranging from minicomputers, PC-LAN, client/server, web/Internet all the way to the cloud. Two great examples are SYSPRO’s Espresso mobile capabilities, which deliver our modules on a device agnostic platform, as well as our ability to deliver these modules on-premise and via the cloud in many deployment configurations. If you investigate thinner solutions from cloud-only providers, you are going to get a one-size fits all view of the world which entertains a more generic and smaller module list with less functionality. This exposes the lack of experience by newer ERP entrants that is required in robust manufacturing environments where functionality and user experience is key.

I’ll close with what I think is great advice and in keeping with the homework metaphor: do the math, add up the columns and create tables that compare and contrast. While ERP is a commodity in the number of modules most vendors offer, there is a wide difference in the capabilities offered by individual vendors. Figure out what your priorities are: price, service, breadth, choice, etc. We think that if you take a good look, you’ll want to put SYSPRO at the top of your list for your consideration.

– Joey Benadretti

Joey-B-SYSPRO Joey Benadretti is the President and Joint Managing Director of SYSPRO USA. He is a champion of US manufacturing and is a strong advocator of the rebuilding of the US manufacturing base.

Benadretti’s footprint in the software community has established him as an influential and innovative leader, where has been a driving force in gaining significant international industry recognition for SYSPRO, including multiple ‘Company of the Year’ awards as well as a long list of other top industry honors and accolades.

Benadretti is passionate about community initiatives, education and supporting institutions that boost the local workforce


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