Is Your Business Ready for Social Media?

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The integration of social media into business applications is a looming reality as social media sites become more business specific and look for ways to commercialize their offerings. Technology evangelists tell us that social media is a huge part of our daily personal lives, and on their way to becoming pervasive in business as well. According to this article from Harvard Business Review, there are still a lot of things that companies don’t know about social media. From a business perspective, your company should question whether the right technology is in place to leverage this new media to its fullest.

End users are beginning to demand that commercial applications accommodate the personal technology users utilize on a day-to-day basis. Some of their preferences are starting to trickle in, such as the embedding of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook into the user interfaces. Enterprises that once viewed apps primarily as feature/function sets are now evaluating the underlying technology to ensure business software has the longevity to accommodate emerging social media trends.

IT buyers are discovering that not every application infrastructure can accommodate cloud based social media. Capable applications will be separated from incapable ones. In other words, the technology stack must be correct today, in order to leverage social media of the future.

Users are the ones running the show – they are driving how they want to utilize and interface with their applications. SYSPRO, for example, has adopted a User Driven Development Methodology guided by customer wants and needs. As a result, the SYSPRO Power Tailored Solutions user interface is role-based and personalized for each unique operator. For example, a sales rep using SYSPRO can have their LinkedIn page permanently embedded into a pane within the SYSPRO application. Every time that person signs onto the system, the personalized interface appears, providing direct access to their LinkedIn information. The productivity gains resulting from such convergence can have a positive impact on corporate efficiency and profitability.

It’s important to consider the gains that “social business” can bring. To do that, every company needs to identify the major elements, including: the personal tools used by staff and customers; how the competition and technology suppliers are addressing social media; having the resources within both the Marketing and IT areas capable of supporting a social strategy; and having a budget in place. In short, it’s about technology, people, knowledge and resources.

While “socially enabled” enterprise applications may not yet be on top of the list for all IT buyers, the push is on and it will certainly be pivotal in how business is done in the future. Getting the right technology foundation in place today is an essential first step.

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