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Why Independent Certifications (and Practice!) Matter

CertificationsMatter_1-01SYSPRO has just received an independent review and certification report for its SYSPRO 7 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from IT analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers. The 50+ page, in-depth document analyzes and grades SYSPRO ERP capabilities for discrete, process and mixed-mode manufacturers. We invite you to read it at:

While you will be able to see for yourself that SYSPRO 7 is acclaimed by TEC in this report for demonstrating a wide range of dominant and highly competitive capabilities, we want to focus on two additional items: why independent certifications matter, and how SYSPRO ERP has become a benchmark for excellence with its 15,000+ customers in 60 countries.

First, let’s put it out there: SYSPRO isn’t the largest ERP provider, and owning that title has never been our business priority. Some of our competitors have created huge massive revenues by acquiring competitors. Others are comparatively newer market entrants riding the new cloud technology wave. With so many providers and (very) loud megaphones fueled by marketing budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, it’s important that independent evaluation/analyst firms like TEC do the hard and arduous task of evaluating the vendors both independently against needed requirements AND against each other.

So how has SYSPRO stood the test of time and build a base of extremely loyal customers? Here are three key reasons: great technology, a cultural commitment to customer service, and deep experience in the manufacturing/distribution market:

• Technology: SYSPRO has a single product architecture that is organically built from the ground up. The design is not the typical ERP solution patchwork of quilted-together acquisitions. This advantage gives our customers superior usability and flexibility with their SYSPRO ERP solution. This translates directly to the ability to adapt to changing business conditions much more easily and cost effectively.

• Focus on Customer Service: Employees and partners that enter SYSPRO’s global organization (we do business in more than 60 countries!) are selected carefully and trained to embrace our cultural focus on customer satisfaction. SYSPRO places a high value on providing great service to our customers and combining that with great features/functions and best-in-class technology, as this TEC report points. And since we are privately held, our business priorities are set by customer requirements and not artificial quarterly pressures of performing to a set of financial priorities.

• Experience: For more than 30 years, the SYSPRO founders and management executives have worked side by side with manufacturers and distributors. This is our market –our EXCLUSIVE market. The deep understanding of manufacturing industry requirements and the changing dynamics that can deeply sway performance is a customer benefit that accompanies the great technology acclaimed in this TEC report.

SYSPRO’s reputation for satisfied customers is well known to industry IT analysts, who issue independent reports and certifications like this one by TEC to help the ERP buyer better compare and contrast options. If you are a company currently using another ERP solution that is compromising your performance and your ability to grow, it’s time to consider an ERP provider who puts the customer first! You can see the full link to the SYSPRO showcase on the TEC site at

SYSPRO is the leading supplier of ERP software to mid-market manufacturers and distributors. SYSPRO has more than 15,000 licensed customers in over 60 countries around the globe. If you’d like an ERP expert to contact you and further discuss how SYSPRO ERP can streamline your business processes, please contact us.